Clean Beats Studios

Studio Recording

A high-quality, professional environment to track your next record. 

Our studio is available for you to rent for $60 an hour, equipping you with the space and tools needed to get professional quality recordings for your next release.

Recording Equipment


  • Epiphone Les Paul
  • Jackson Dinky Standard
  • Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
  • Fender American Jazz Bass
  • Fender Mexican Jazz Bass
  • Yamaha Birch Stage Custom Drum Set
  • Taye Birchwood Basswood Pro X Series Drum Set
  • Pearl Chad Smith Custom Snare Drum
  • Ludwig Black Magic Snare Drum
  • Ludwig Black Beauty Sanre Drum
  • Misc Sabian/Zildjian Cymbals
  • Kurzweil Electric Piano

Guitar Pedals:

  • Strymon Big Sky
  • Boss DD7 Digital Delay
  • Fulltone OCD
  • EHX Soul Food
  • EHX Mel9
  • EHX Deluxe Memory Boy
  • Boss Chorus
  • Boss Flanger
  • Decimator II


  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
  • Digi 002 Rack
  • Yamaha HS7 Studio Monitors
  • Shure SM58
  • Shure SM57 x3
  • Shure Beta 57
  • NEAT Microphones King Bee
  • Audix D6
  • Samson Drum Mics
  • Audix Drum Mics