Clean Beats Studios


Take your playing to the next level

We teach various styles of playing the drums. From concert snare drumming, marching percussion, to all styles of music on the drum set, we have you covered! Hone your skills and become the best drummer you can be today.

$50/hour and $30/half hour for all lessons

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Drum Set

Jazz, Funk, Rock, Metal, Punk, Latin, and playing with Brushes, Roots and other Implements, we have it all! Dive right into the study of the drum set. We can teach you how to read drum music, play a plethora of beats and grooves, and how to play in a band/group setting. Learn how to be the musician that chose to play the drums, not just the drummer.


Marching/Concert Percussion

Learn the basics of marching percussion and what it takes to be part of a drum line. Marching snare, Quads/Quints, and Bass line study all included. Also get ready for your next concert band recital with in depth snare drum, bass drum, and other percussive study.


College/Audition Prep

Need to get ready for an audition for a band? Applying to music school and want a head start on the competition? We have you covered. Sight reading, style survey, solo study, musicality on the drums, and more. Get your self in a good position to nail your audition, and secure your spot in your school/colleges percussion department.

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